Our Story

The Original MakeUp Eraser™ was founded in 2012 By Daniel & Elexsis McCarthy. A patented blend of polyester that is changing the way the world removes makeup. The Original Makeup Eraser™ is the #1 Reusable Makeup Removal System in the World. The Original MakeUp Eraser™ is a revolutionary tool used by millions of women worldwide.

Our Mission

To change the way the world removes makeup!

Who We Are

Daniel McCarthy
Chief Executive Officer

Daniel McCarthy is Chief Executive Officer of Makeup Eraser., a private company that was established in 2012. Mr. McCarthy is one of the founders of Makeup Eraser. Mr. McCarthy is responsible for long term growth initiatives and developing the first ever multichannel distribution system of its kind.

Mr. McCarthy has a successful track record of operational experience with startup and turnaround organizations. Mr. McCarthy brings a clear understanding of the market complexities to the organization; with over 10+ years of managing growth of independent contractors while navigating through challenging economies.

As an entrepreneur Mr. McCarthy track record includes leading a franchise system that was located inside the largest retailer in the world. Operating over 60 real estate offices with over 2,000 realtors nationwide. Spending most of his career in the franchise and real estate markets, Mr. McCarthy brings a level of understanding to the needs of business owners that has been recognized by Realtrends Gathering of Eagles, Realtor.com Advisory board, Arizona Republic and more.

Mr. McCarthy was instrumental in the creation of best practices of larger banking institutions when the real estate crash happened in 2006. Mr. McCarthy has been recognized as a great risk manager and mediation resolution specialist throughout his entire career.

From a young age Mr. McCarthy created a pace in business that has been truly inspiring being the youngest person ever employed into management for Apollo Group at the age of 19. Creating the leading team and division every month consecutively for 9 months.

Elexsis McCarthy
Chief Operations Officer

Elexsis McCarthy is the Founder of the Original MakeUp Eraser. Elexsis carries one of the highest honors by holding the claim to the most tenured MakeUp Eraser user, after discovering the product in 2006. Working side by side with her husband Daniel since 2003, the couple decided to share the #1 reusable makeup removal system with the world. Elexsis is a results-oriented professional with proven abilities in strategic planning, managing projects, and improving efficiency of operations, team building, and detailing project information to determine effective processes for operations. She is also able to identify areas of strength and weaknesses and implement company policies, standards, changes in operations, and systems that optimize productivity and bottom line. Elexsis resides in Glendale Arizona with her husband. She enjoys reading, travel and spending time with her children.

Tanya Anderson
Chief Compliance Officer

Tanya Anderson is a co-founder and principal of Makeup Eraser. Many people refer to Tanya as the “heart” of the organization. She delivers her heart and soul into Makeup Eraser’s vision, while striving to help distributors achieve their ultimate goals. Tanya has recently taken the role of Chief Compliance Officer. Tanya is goal-oriented and high-performing senior executive, offering extensive background in regulatory compliance and risk management combined with solid experience in identifying and implementing strategies to capture improvement opportunities within the organization. Tanya resides in Aberdeen Washington with her husband. Tanya enjoys travel and playing with her grandchildren.

Julie Clarke
Director of Training & Development

Julie has a unique blend of retail/corporate experience and sales success. During her more than 20 years at Nordstrom climbing the ranks to executive level she learned the value of leaving it better than you found it. While representing the Cosmetics, Women’s Specialized and Replenishment divisions she specialized in creating consistencies and building synergies between corporate leadership and the division leaders. In her last role at Nordstrom she led the Education and Training Development team for the company. Julie is driven to utilize her expertise and experience to build a second to none training and business development program at MakeUp Eraser.

Julie is a mother of 4 and resides in Puyallup, WA. She enjoys traveling with her family, watching University of Washington football with her husband, Doug Clarke and binge watching her favorite HBO shows.

Dax Montilla
Creative Director & Brand Manager

Dax Montilla holds the honor of being Makeup Eraser’s first employee. Dax is a highly renowned, creative, professional graphic design artist with 20 years experience. Dax is gifted, creative, energetic and enthusiastic. Dax is skilled in client and vendor relations and negotiation; talented at building and maintaining “win-win” partnerships. Dax is also skilled in creating and successfully implementing new product lines to compete with market leaders. Dax resides in Peoria Arizona with his wife. Dax enjoys fishing, and racing with his son.

Rita McCarthy
Human Resources

Rita McCarthy is a servant of God and mother of three. She has been married for 35+ years to a wonderful man who has enriched her life beyond belief. She has a degree from Glendale Community College and is continuing her education through Arizona State University with intent to earn a degree in education. She started her career in 1986 in the tax accounting field and later working for the Charles Schwab Company as an advisor in investments and tax benefits. Besides her family and business Rita enjoys being involved in politics and served on The City Council of her hometown in New York. She has the desire at this time to expand and develop the fulfillment center for Makeup Eraser LLC to meet and accomplish the goals to be the fastest growing direct sales company in the United States. Rita resides in Peoria Arizona with her husband. Rita enjoys cooking and spending time with her grandchildren.

Maria Benson
Director of Customer Relations

Maria Benson was given the opportunity to join the Makeup Eraser in November of 2014. Maria without hesitation gave her notice to her job of 17 years and joined Makeup Eraser within 2 weeks. Maria is a dynamic, results-driven professional with expertise in customer development and account management. Maria manages and train a team to develop resources to ensure quality and consistency of service to customers. Maria has taken key role in improving customer experience through mentoring, directing, supervising overall functions and staff of customer service operation. Maria resides in Phoenix Arizona with her husband. Maria enjoys spending time with her daughters and travel.